The first time I noticed my
backbone was gone, I was
bent easily in half saying
“anything you want, you
can have; anything that’s
mine is all yours.” Love was
a one-way road - my hipbones
and collarbones looked
better on your floor than
under my skin; I gave you
everything that let me stand
up straight and held your
shoulder for support. The
first time I said no, I vomited
on the carpet and couldn’t
stop apologizing - how dare
my lips speak for the body
they’re on. I’m too soft to be
boneless too. I’m too vibrant
to have no spine to grow on, so
I’m taking back all my misplaced
bones. I’m learning to tell you
what’s yours to share and what’s
mine alone.
anne, learning boldness and strong shoulders and how to shout no (via anneisrestless) -